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Sport and Recreation

Safe and fair

Sport and Recreation is committed to a safe, fair and inclusive sport and recreation sector. It is important that clubs and organisations upholds integrity, displays a positive and healthy culture and commitment to ethical and inclusive practices,

Complaints handling and mediation

  • All sports should have a Member Protection Policy in place before a complaint or grievance arises. This policy provides guidance on how to manage complaints and grievances. It also identifies the rights of individuals involved in the dispute. Find out more about Complaints Handling and Mediation.

Ethics in sport

Tasmanian Ethics in Sport Framework

Building environments that promote social inclusion, equity and a sense of community is vital to the future of the sporting sector.

The Tasmanian Ethics in Sport Framework is the first step towards achieving a strategic and collaborative approach across government and non-government organisations to address ethics in sport.

The framework:

  • Sets out the Tasmanian Government's vision for an inclusive, safe and fair sport sector
  • Enhances awareness and understanding of ethics in sport issues
  • Promotes inclusive, safe and fair sporting environments
  • Provides direction for sporting organisations to better manage, mitigate and prevent ethics in sport issues
  • Underpins strategies for government agencies, sporting organisations and other non-government organisations to ensure sport is inclusive, safe and fair

Tasmanian Ethics in Sport Framework  (PDF, 1.08MB)

Additional information

Good Sports

The Good Sports program helps sports clubs to build safe and fair environments, comply with legal requirements and attract funding, new members and volunteers. Good Sports is run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF), an independent and not for profit organisation, funded by state and federal governments. Visit the Good Sports website for more information.

Injury and illness

COVID-19 and Sport and Recreation

The Tasmanian Government website provides up to date details and information about the coronavirus restrictions and the latest news for all Tasmanians. For more information about coronavirus and sport, exercise and recreation.

Sports Medicine Australia

Sports Medicine Australia is a peak national multi-disciplinary member organisation that provides leadership in the areas of sports exercise and medicine, sports injury, physical activity, sports exercise and science, and the healthy performance and participation of Australians in physical activity and sport. For injury factsheets.

Communicable diseases

Communities, Sport and Recreation’s Communicable Diseases Policy provides recommendations for organisations to follow in order to reduce the risk of communicable diseases for participants, officials and clubs. Download an information sheet on communicable diseases.


Concussion can affect athletes at all levels of sport from junior participants to recreational athletes and elite and professional athletes.

Further information on Concussions including what they are and signs and symptoms, visit the Injury and Illness in Sport - Concussions page.

Member Protection Information Officers

underwater polo game

Members are the greatest assets of sport and recreation organisations and it is important to ensure all members are treated with respect, dignity and fairness.

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in managing the rights of members by providing information and guidance on complaints and complaint handling. MPIOs are familiar with member protection policies and procedures and can advise members on concerns, complaints or member protection matters.

Courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete and increase awareness and knowledge of fair and safe play in sport and recreation. For more information, visit Play by the Rules.

Play by the Rules

Image of the Play by the Rules logo

Play by the Rules is a national organisation supporting fair and safe play in sport and recreation. Play by the Rules offers practical information, resources and training for clubs and organisations, coaches and officials, and parents and players. Topics include:

Online training

Play by the Rules also offers free online training courses for coaches, officials, participants and volunteers in the following:

Courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete and increase awareness and knowledge of harassment, discrimination and child protection. For more information, please visit Play by the Rules.

Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia combines the existing functions of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the National Integrity of Sport Unit and the integrity functions of Sport Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia provides advice and assistance to counter the:

  • use of prohibited substances and methods in sport
  • abuse of children and other persons in a sporting environment
  • manipulation of sporting competitions
  • failure to protect members of sporting organisations and other persons in a sporting environment from bullying, intimidation, discrimination or harassment.

For more information, visit Sport Integrity Australia.